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They met when Skip started working at ESPN and Ernestine brough actor Kevin Dillon from Entourage to the studios and met skip, they exchanged their business cards and agreed on met for dinner one day. 54-year-old Ernestine Sclafani from Long Island, NY; graduated in 1986 from Suffolk County Community College.In 1990 she was worked as the director of public relations at the Ball Of Switzerland, after working there for 10 years she left and joined Weber Shandwick public relations where she serves as vice president.He is also an accomplished author of several books. He was born as John Edward Bayless II on 4th December, 1951.

The name stuck, and Bayless was never called John by his parents.He knows how to write profiles, and one night earlier he thought about what makes him an interesting subject. Because he mentioned it on the podcast and some have asked – and the full list was cut from the original story due to space constraints – here they are: No. 1 thing you should know about me: I’ve always tried to put God first in my life, and I’m the first to admit I often have failed because I’m too proud and too stubborn.When I was a little kid going to Methodist church, I actually envisioned one day that I would become a minister but I never pursed that.Now, if I have any regret — if I wasn’t doing this job, I would be an orthopedic surgeon, because I like to help people. 2: What drove me the most into this profession was extreme athletic frustration. 3: Both my parents were alcoholics and I came from a broken home.…I’m not trying to come across as pious because I’m not. I was very good up until the age 14 or 15 in basketball and baseball. Yet I would want you to know as much as my mother was not there for me — I don’t know what possessed her, but she made me do two things in my life. I was married right out of college to my junior high school sweetheart, which was a big mistake.

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