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The term can apply to a company that experiences seasonal fluctuations in business.During the busy season when business is booming the company needs to borrow money to finance short-term assets such as inventory and accounts receivable.Debt Ratio Analysis Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) The term “self-liquidating loans” is banker slang.It refers to a loan that is used to generate proceeds that are in turn used to repay the loan.Basically, a borrower takes out a loan that is used to finance business activities that generate revenue.Then the borrower takes the revenue generated from those business activities and uses it to repay the money that was borrowed to finance the activities.Therefore, despite being considered an illiquid asset class, private equity is generating a sufficient amount of liquidity to receive its residual value in a reasonable timeframe.

“Oh, that’s what’s called a ‘self-liquidating offer.'” I asked him to explain further…It also would exclude loans made to a borrower that are secured by a pool of assets but where a security is not being issued to the lender.Options for sponsors to meet these requirements include an “eligible horizontal residual interest” and an “eligible vertical interest.” An eligible horizontal residual interest is the most subordinate claim with regard to payments of principal and interest.This ratio decreases by 1.5% annually and strongly depends on the market environment; the expected net cash flow is 70% lower during a recession and 70% larger during a boom period.An investor can assume that its private equity portfolio will have returned 100% of its NAV after 4-5 years.

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