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A master locksmith in the narrow lanes of Nuremberg experimented a lot before he was able to perfect the first pocket watch prototype.

Pete Henlein was his name, a German inventor and master craftsman, and the success behind his invention comes from his creation of a mainspring- a thin metal wire coiled very tightly inside a capsule to store and slowly release power over time.

The Cornell Watch Company reorganized and relocated to San Francisco in 1874. of San Francisco encountered financial difficulties and closed in 1876. The highest grades of early Rockford watches were signed "Ruby" or "Ruby Jewels." Up to the mid-1890's the higher grade watches were marked "adjusted", but the level of adjustment varied by grade.

Cornell manufactured a range of ten grades of 18-size watches. By 1877, the company was producing 3/4 plate nickel movements. Rockford watches were advertised in railroad journals and were popular with railroad workers, with 3 railroads going through Rockford. The Rockford Watch Co, including Rockford Watch Co, Ltd., produced slightly less than one million watches during its 40 year history with half of all watches produced between 19.

There was an attached brass lid that could be swiveled open to read the time.

It was around 1675 that the pocket watch witnessed a transformation – it became round in shape and the size was small enough to fit snugly in a coat or tunic pocket.

(Newark, NJ) and had it shipped to Chicago, to be installed in a newly built factory in 1871. The company had 40 employees and was soon turning out 10 watches per day, all 18-size, in five different grades.

Interestingly, the first pocket watches were never carried around in the pockets of the wearer. was formed in 1870 by Paul Cornell, a real-estate dealer in suburban Chicago, along with J. Around 1902 railroad grade watches began being marked "Adjusted to 5 Positions." During the late 1880's the factory was producing about 150 watches per day, employing 350 people. The Rockford Watch Company was organized in 1874 in Rockford, Illinois, located 93 miles west of Chicago, following the reorganization and move of the Cornell Watch Co. Around 1898 Rockford 18-size 800 series and 900 series railroad grade watches began being marked "RG", grade numbers began being marked on movements around 1900. With royalty setting the trend (King Charles II of England was the trail blazer) pocket watches became a highly sought after accessory among the affluent and elite members of the community.Please use the following tables to help determine the approximate age of your watch.

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