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Allowing a website to create a cookie does not give that or any other site access to the rest of your computer, and only the site that created the cookie can read it.Site AR0308030704 is a possible prehistoric site containing a “ring midden” roasting pit, located in the Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico.The remains of a saltwater mammal buried in the freshwater sediments of Lake Ontario was a geological game changer. This was not the first time TTC construction crews had unearthed an antediluvian relic, either.Twelve years earlier, nearly to the day, crews excavating the future site of Islington Station dug up the 12,000-year-old fossilized remains of an undiscovered species belonging to the genus .A soil sample from the roasting pit was submitted for pollen and macrofloral analysis along with two charcoal samples for identification.Potentially AMS radiocarbon datable materials were separated and one sample was selected for dating.The brownish-white whale vertebra weighing approximately 4.5 kilograms, along with soil samples from the former lakebed, was transported to the Royal Ontario Museum for further analysis. The was contacted by an Orillia historian, Allan Ironside. It was true, in the 1880s former city alderman and entrepreneur Harry Piper operated a zoo at that location and for a time displayed a dead whale for the public’s enjoyment.Ironside claimed the prehistoric whale bone was actually part of a display from a zoological garden once located in the vicinity of the present day Fairmount Royal York Hotel. While ROM paleontologist Kevin Seymour was hard at work unraveling the truth behind the find, armchair historians quickly latched on to Ironside’s speculation.

Prior to breaking ground for the new Harbourfront LRT in 1987, construction crews were told to keep an eye open for historical artifacts unearthed while digging into a landfill that a century earlier had been under water.

The discovery of centuries-old military relics or First Nations artifacts was a real possibility.

Imagine backhoe operator Jose Resendes’s surprise when he spotted what at first was assumed to be an 11,000-year-old whale vertebra protruding from fill in the bucket of his machine.

Radiocarbon dating of bulk sediments has been the standard method for establishing chronologies in the studies of lake sediment cores which have contributed significantly to our knowledge of late Quaternary paleo-environments.

These bulk sediment dates are presumed to be direct ageindicators for the speciments (e.g., pollen or macrofossils) which are actually being studied.

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