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Macchapuchare (6993m) and weather permitting, the distant Dhaulagiri (8167m) in the far west.Higher up along this trail is Begnaskote, an old military lookout dating back a couple of centuries when local Rajahs needed to defend their small kingdoms.When they ask which bus I’m looking for, I assume they’re trying to sell me something, and walk straight past them in silent protest. He’s a rickety king, though – this diamond in the rough is looking, well, a little rough.My badittude is such a hazard of traveling – having a single bad experience, or a handful of them, and projecting that experience onto everyone you meet in the future. The bus slowly fills and I’m joined on the throne by a devastatingly handsome German guy named Gabriel and a jovial Korean hipster named Kim.Accommodation Details: Dec 23 departure will be accommodated at Safari Narayani Hotel Triple Rooms are not available in Bhutan.

Higher up is Begnas Maidan, an open meadow perched on a hilltop from where one can have the most spectacular mountain views sweeping from east to west in a vast snowy expanse; Manaslu (8156m) the entire Annapurna massif with such prominent peaks as Annapurna II (7937m), Annapurna III & IV as well as Mt.

The third time I pace past the waiting buses, rusty bullet shells gurgling and choking smoke into the street, a driver grabs my crumpled ticket out of my hand and reads it. Our bus charm breaks its link with the necklace, and we’re off, puttering through the traffic-clogged streets of Kathmandu, winding around parks where morning exercisers twist and shake, passing second-story bright orange restaurants with names like “Facebook Restaurant” and “Cafe Google.” I don’t know how or when it happened, but suddenly we’re perched on the top of a very steep, winding road that cuts through an enormous gorge.

A valley spreads out before me for miles, its rolling hills giving way to ever-growing mountain peaks in the distance.

I talked him down though – to times what it should’ve cost. Pissed that he so openly and willingly tried to scam me, and pissed at myself for letting him do it, I resolve to no longer trust anyone-I-meet-in-Nepal ever.

(This is the way my mind operates when the sun isn’t yet up and I haven’t had any coffee.) So while pacing back and forth along the metal necklace of waiting buses, desperately trying to find my rusty diamond in the rough, I ignore every single driver who tries to help me. Our seats are assigned and I’m all the way in the very back, where a long, raised bench watches over the other inferior bus seats like a king on a throne.

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A visa is required for entry into Bhutan and is obtained on your behalf by Gate 1 Travel.

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