Outlook 2016 calendar not updating

Luckily, and with a little bit of persistence, you can still get i Cloud to work again and get it to sync with Outlook as well.

When you’ve already configured your i Cloud IMAP account in Outlook, re-enabling i Cloud Contacts, Calendars and Tasks sync in Outlook can be done via a separate info link at the top.

Initially, this section contained a backup download link for Google Calendar Sync and instructions on how to make it work with new versions of Outlook 20.Try one of the following suggestions to fix the issue.Resolution 1: Clear Offline Items Most Exchange account configured in Outloook has Cached Exchange Mode enabled by default to allow user to continue working with Outlook when offline in addition to improve the performance.Unfortunately resolution of this issue tends to be a waiting game: An important aspect to understand about ical feeds: It is your calendar application (Outlook, Google, Apple, etc etc) which periodically requests an update of the information from Timetastic i.e.Timetastic does not push the data to you calendar, it's your calendar that requests it from Timetastic.

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