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Guzman comes from a background of modeling and MMA fighting, and this is his first professional dance project. He’s doing nunchuks, and he tries to do a blackflip. I’ll be trying to meditate while they’re doing push-ups and jumping jacks.No stranger to the TV cameras, Mc Cormick can be seen on “So You Think You Can Dance? Step Up Revolution marks their feature acting debuts. When he does a backflip he hits his head on the ground, and when he comes back up he’s still trying to do the nunchuks. Ryan, you hadn’t danced professionally before this movie. And being so familiar with everyone, with the dancers becoming part of my family, you just become easy. Kathryn Mc Cormick: It depends on what style I’m doing.But when people came to watch, his mind would go elsewhere. But when you’re doing a contemporary duet, it’s you and that person, and you have to create that moment where no one else exists. You get to go into depth you never really thought you could invest, and get to know yourself better. Mc Cormick: It was just not really in our bodies first.So when we were first doing it, I’d tell him, “I got you. We had an amazing acting coach with us on set, who told us how to know our characters better, and to try certain things. But the closer we got with each other, we’d just be on it.The Step Up franchise has helped audiences discover the acting and dancing talent of young stars, including Channing Tatum, his future wife Jenna Dewan, Briana Evigan (from Step Up 2 The Streets), and even Adam G.Sevani, who has now appeared in three Step Up films as a character named “Moose.” In Step Up Revolution, the fourth film in the franchise, this story of star-crossed dancers takes audience members to Miami, where a flash dance group called “The Mob” (featuring Guzman & Mc Cormick) are trying to stop evil corporate powers from destroying their community.

Perfect gift for Christmas or for any other special day.The actress with a girl-next- door allure possesses a certain lighthearted nature that is rarely found in many who work in her field.Success, for many actors, is a double-edged sword that could turn any bright-eyed girl to a ruthless starlet.“When you take the universal story of falling in love, on top of the flipping of the worlds, and combine all of the talented people I worked with, it turns into a dynamite movie,” he says.The film is inspired by true events, and each person involved with the movie had a mission to tell a story that would change people’s lives.

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  1. She brightens when Scott, a new teacher, turns out to be rich, and she stops showing films and sleeping in class when told there's a bonus for the teacher whose class scores highest on the state exam.