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The amount payable depends upon:- Read more: Joanne Grey explains the 3 main ways that parents can deal with negotiating child support in her blog here. If you have agreed the child support payable for your children then you don’t need to apply to the Child Maintenance Service.

If you want to agree child support then use the online calculation to work out how much and then set up a standing order.

Child Benefit can be backdated for up to three months if you would have been entitled to it earlier.

The Department of Human Services – Child Support encourages parents to make their own arrangements for collection of payments.

If the arrangement breaks down, an application should be made sooner rather than later. If you want child support you need to make an application if it cannot be agreed.

A child support assessment can be changed retrospectively to increase the amount of child support payable during past periods.

Parents contemplating changing from DHS-Child Support collection to a private collection arrangement should seek legal advice about the possible implications of taking this step.

If a case is privately collected between the parties, Centrelink assumes that the full payment is being transferred to the payee, and Family Tax Benefit (A) will be calculated on the amount stated in the assessment.

This can occur as a result of late lodgement of tax returns which result in a higher rate of child support, or where an Estimate of Income is reconciled and replaced with a higher income.

I have a client who claimed asylum on 16/7/08 and was granted refugee status on 9/10/08.

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Download a claim form from the HMRC website (link opens in a new window) or phone the Child Benefit Office for a claim form: Telephone: 03 Textphone: 03 Welsh Language: 03 You must give evidence of your child, for example, a birth or adoption certificate.

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