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It's so much better than other drab baseball statistic sites with a simple table of standings.Plotting the stats will show you how easy it is to see the rise (or fall) of your favorite team.As far out ahead as the NL West's power trio is, the Mets will need help to get back into any postseason consideration, but a climb back to .500 would be good news.The single biggest fall by any team was by those always-mobile Mariners, who retreated three spots as they wrestle to resolve their own "contender or pretender" status.You can view the most recent American League or National League standings.Check out the standings for the current playoff race. For those interested in baseball history, you can use our custom graph to build your own chart comparing different years. You are free to use the copies of the graphs in any situation.

If there were a Hall of Fame for Internet baseball sites, Baseball Almanac would be a shoo-in for admission.Milt Stock sets a National League mark by having his fourth consecutive four-hit game, going 16-for-23 during the span to compile a .696 batting average.The 31 year-old second baseman's offensive output, which includes three singles and a triple, helps the Robins beat the Giants at Ebbets Field, 6-3.San Diego minor leaguer Ted Williams, pinch hitting for the pitcher in the seventh inning in a game against the Angels, gets his first professional hit, a long single off the right field fence at LA's Wrigley Field off Glen Babler.The 17 year-old Padres player stays in the PCL contest to replace the hurler he batted for, retiring the side in order, but will be removed from the mound in the next frame when he gives up two home runs.

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