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Paris talked about her visit to Vegas to work with Barry Manilow, why she thought she was voted off, how she got along with the other finalists, Ryan Seacrest being a diva, celebrity fans she met, what’s next for her, and what’s in Paula Abdul’s Coke glass. May 10, 2006 – ‘American Idol’ judge Paula Abdul was videotaped at Melrose Place.

When asked if she will be working on any movies soon she says to just wait and see.

Underwood wouldn’t say if she thought Taylor Hicks or Katharine Mc Phee would win, but she will be there to “pass the torch.” Video of the segment at has since been removed.

May 11, 2006 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “More problems for congressman Patrick Kennedy after the car accident the other night.

It’s a rarity that I use my phone as an actual phone, but “Bieber’s Hotline” is one number I’ll be calling repeatedly.

I’ve got much respect for this guy, and one look at his Twitter feed and you will too. While a major label can certainly do great things for an artist, it can also destroy an artist’s heart and soul—something I hope never happens to Brayton Bowman because his heart is gigantic and he wears it on his proverbial Twitter sleeve.

I wish you pleasant memories and a future that will be filled with much happiness and success. Ellen Parker Principal JANE OBSHATKIN VICE PRINCIPAL A.

Abdul discussed the success of the show, one of her favorites Elliott Yamin being voted off, dancing with Taylor Hicks a la Courtney Cox on ‘Dancing In The Dark’, and her jewelry line. May 19, 2006 – Those watching ‘Access Hollywood’ on Wednesday thought Billy Bush had offered a spoiler, especially for west coast viewers who watch the show on tape delay, when he said, “I’m afraid Elliott [Yamin] is gone tonight. mhi -..- :■■' ■■■■■-■ ■ ■:■ , ■ ,- :,;■: ;■: fcj ■:- ;■: I S Btic Ri - ■ ■ ;-.■■-■■- ■ ■ k&i. Crowley optimistic about upcoming yeai r I* ■:,..;,■ , ,:::■.:..:■...■. Augeri "You have to want it more than you fear it." Varsity Soccer, Basketball, and Softball Mireille A.It is shocking.” Bush offered an apology and wrote on his blog Thursday: “Which in hindsight, I can now see how that might have made it appear that I was giving away ‘Idol’ results – that is, had I actually known them. And I certainly didn’t mean to ruin the excitement of watching the show live.” While not explaining the remark, ‘Access’ had segments on Katharine Mc Phee and Taylor Hicks, but nothing about Elliott, so Bush probably meant he was “gone” from the ‘Access’ broadcast.May 18, 2006 – ‘Today’ host Katie Couric talked with Carrie Underwood, winner of last year’s ‘American Idol’, about what this year’s two finalists must be thinking.

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